Messaging products

We enable your business with powerful messaging features, accessible through a user friendly online portal or integrated with your services thanks to our straightforward API.

Messaging in different ways


Bulk SMS

Use our online portal or API and access tools to manage your campaigns, define recipients, load messages for immediate sending or scheduling, engage customers and track results real-time.


CRM Access

Create multiple custom SMS and define your target audience through our online dashboard, anytime. Your free subscription unlocks access to powerful tools to send, receive and analyse SMS engagement results.


2-Way SMS

Facilitate interactions with your customers. 2-Way messaging creates opportunities for you to connect with your audience thanks to personalised communications built on a one-on-one basis.


Number Lookup

Avoid incurring wrong charges and sending messages to mobile numbers in your database that are shut-off or unavailable thanks to our live Mobile Number Portability tools.

SMS features in details


Sender ID Support

We support Sender ID in all formats: short code (55555), long code (mobile phone numbers) and alphanumeric combinations, or we can adapt it for you to be accepted by the receiving carrier.


Delivery Report Notifications

Each SMS transmitted comes together with detailed information regarding the message delivery status, including delivery date and time or reasons why the delivery failed (i.e. invalid destination number or absent subscriber).


Concatenated SMS

We take care of messages longer than 160 characters by splitting and recombining them appropriately so the message appears as a single long text to both sender and receiver, as intended.


Mobile Number Portability

We make sure we accurately deliver messages to the correct end-user destination operator by accessing real-time mobile number portability information for every message you transmit.


Unicode Support

We speak your language: Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic and other characters different than the Latin alphabet are no problem. We use Unicode to support these messages with up to 70 characters.


Binary SMS

Used for more complex data than a text message, this type of service allows you to send SMS supporting rich media and is optimal to deliver multimedia contents and URLs to nearly every mobile device type.


Flash SMS

These SMS provide instant notifications that will appear directly on the device as opposed to directed to the inbox. Recipients of a Flash SMS may choose to save, delete or navigate to other contents contained in the SMS.


Roaming Subscriber Delivery

Whether a mobile device is operating in its own operator network or roaming abroad, our location information queries are always performed in real-time to assure proper delivery to the recipient location.